Values are beliefs or standards that guide our Christian lives. A value is something by which a person defines himself and his character. The values that we have embraced form the borders and set the standard that determines the quality of our Christian life. Our value systems are cognitive (learned) therefore we can change our value system to be more beneficial. Value systems, beliefs or standards form the framework within which a person chooses to make himself accountable to and which forms the very foundation for one’s decision making, choices, and behavior, determining how we act and respond to everyday life, it affects our relationship with God and our relationship with people. Therefore as Christians, our values are defined and based on the Bible, the Word of God. Values are absolutes of truth that form the foundation of our Christian life, therefore values should never be compromised.

At City Bible Church we highly esteem the following values that greatly equip the believer for successful Christian living and service. The following values are vital in order to achieve the purpose and vision of the church.

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