Welcome to Durban South Baptist Church

The Durban South Baptist Church building is situated in the southern Glenwood area of Durban (South Africa). We are Christians who take the Bible very seriously and seek to make a real difference in the lives of people by loving them and setting an example through our own lives and actions.

The preaching and worship are Christ-centered with an emphasis on true discipleship. It is our desire to share the gospel with both the young and the old and to facilitate this there are four stages of Christian development offered each year that takes the new believer in Jesus Christ from knowing how a Christian should live to recognizing their own spiritual gifts and understanding God’s mission for their lives.

For the more Mature Christians, Durban South Baptist also offers a study course on the Bible in association with Rosebank Bible College, to give people a good foundational knowledge of the Bible and a love for the Word of God so that they can minister more effectively to others.

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