Welcome to God’s Way Ministries where Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour is what our church is all about. Living without Him is unthinkable…dying without Him catastrophic!

I invite you to join us in one of our services and experience the fellowship of the Holy Spirit in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. We are a family church and embrace the whole family as the body of Christ, each with its own specific function.

You don’t have to dress up or anything like that, just come as you feel comfortable as we meet around God’s Word which we accept as the ultimate authority in our lives.

The preaching is bible-based and contemporary, meeting the needs of young and old alike. How to apply God’s Word to our lives in this day and age is an important focus to us as we are all faced with daily challenges which can sometimes feel quite daunting. The messages are both encouraging and equipping and help you face each new week with confidence and strength.

So the invitation is made and just needs to be accepted. You’ll only know if this church is for you once you’ve made the effort to visit us and see for yourself what we’re all about. We’re confident you’ll benefit and it won’t be a waste of time, so make the decision and be sure to say hi so I get to meet you.

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